Where Do Certified Music Therapists In South Florida Practice?

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There are many settings where certified music therapists South Florida offer services. Notably, music therapy can improve physical, emotion, and cognitive needs for any individual. In addition, it has been shown to support treatment for substance abuse, Parkinson’s, and dementia. As an individual looking for music therapy for you or your loved one, you need to know where you can access services. This way, you can better understand which treatment options are available to you. Whether you’re looking for an individualized plan or group therapy services, knowing where you can get care is critical to get started on your path to wellness. Read on to learn about the major settings certified music therapists South Florida offer services.


First, the best certified music therapists in South Florida offer home-based services to meet patients’ needs. Often, music therapy interventions in a natural home environment make it easier to transfer skills to patients’ everyday life. For example, everyday distractions such as animals, siblings, and roommates are usually present during home therapy sessions. With the support and guidance of a music therapist, patients can learn to use their interventions and coping mechanisms to navigate these situations. Notably, this provides an opportunity for patients to practice these skills in a real-life setting. Home music therapy Miami Dade County works great for children and adults with disabilities, mental health disorders, or any other wellness need. Definitely, ask your certified music therapist South Florida about home-based services.

Nursing Homes

Next, the best certified music therapists in South Florida can also provide treatment in nursing homes. Notably studies show that music therapy can positively impact geriatric patients’ social skills. For example, patients that have had a stroke or are suffering from central nervous disorders such as Parkinson’s, may benefit from singing along with music. Indeed, singing can facilitate patients’ muscle movements in their face and mouth. Similarly, it can improve their ability to form sentences, express thoughts, and communicate with peers. Additionally, playing instruments can be a fun way for patients to improve their motor skills as well. Certainly, the best certified music therapists South Florida offer group music therapy in nursing homes to improve patients’ quality of life.


Moreover, many certified South Florida music therapists provide care in hospital settings as well. Many music therapists write songs with their patients to reduce anxiety. In addition, listening to live music can reduce pain after a procedure. It can also allow patients to fall asleep faster. Typically, music therapists offer services for all inpatient units of the hospital, for patients of all ages. Depending on your goals, you might work with a music therapist to manage pain, improve coping skills, or normalize the hospital environment. Commonly, music therapy offers procedural support for patients as well. Absolutely, certified music therapists in South Florida are great to support any individual’s healing process.

Educational Facilities

Additionally, many music therapists South Florida provide services in educational facilities. Importantly, learners with special needs may have music therapy services listed on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). In this case, a music therapist is required to provide services for the student. Often, this is because learning music can work to strengthen learners’ non musical areas. For example, playing instruments has been linked to improving physical coordination skills. Similarly, singing and song writing can work to improve self-expression. Of course, many children can benefit from group music therapy St. Lucie in schools as well. If you think you or your child would benefit from music therapy in an educational facility contact a certified music therapist South Florida.

Remote Telehealth Sessions

Furthermore, the best South Florida music therapists also offer remote telehealth sessions for their patients. Since COVID-19, many patients are using telemedicine music therapy services to access safer care. Typically, virtual music therapist conduct sessions over video conferencing software. Through this platform, therapists can assess the patient and develop an individualized plan to meet their needs. Importantly, these sessions are highly interactive, using songwriting, instrument playing, and movement exercises. Some music therapists also use engaging software systems as well. Telehealth music therapy is highly beneficial for patients who are immunocompromised or have limited access to face-to-face treatment. In short, ask your music therapist South Florida if they offer telehealth sessions.

There are many settings certified music therapists South Florida offer services. First, you can get home music therapy in the comfort of your natural environment. Next, a music therapist Broward County can also offer services for geriatric patients in nursing homes. In addition, you can get music therapy to aid your healing process in a hospital setting. Moreover, many music therapists work in educational facilities. Furthermore, you can also get music therapy on remote telehealth platforms. Consider these settings certified music therapists South Florida offer services.

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    My mother enjoyed her sessions & if always brought a smile

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      Thanks for the comment. I remember your mother fondly. I hope all is well!!


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