5 Elderly Persons Disorders Music Therapists In Florida Can Treat

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There are several elderly persons disorders music therapists in Florida can treat. According to recent data, the number of senior citizens with mental health conditions is expected to double by 2030 due to the increasing aging population. Simultaneously, nearly 60% of older adults with mental health issues get overlooked and miss out on the treatment they need. As a caregiver, you need to know some of the most common elderly persons disorders that music therapy can treat. Indeed, music therapy is often better suited for older adults due to its positive, engaging nature. With the right therapist, you can help your loved one get the support they need. Read on to learn about some of the most common elderly persons disorders music therapists in Florida can treat.

Alzheimer’s And Dementia

First, music therapy is highly effective to treat alzheimer’s and dementia elderly persons disorders Florida. Importantly, one of the most common signs of early stage dementia is when older adults start forgetting information they recently learned. For example, they may not remember important dates or ask the same questions repeatedly. They may also feel confused about time or place and have trouble speaking. Since music therapy activates both sides of the brain, seniors with dementia often respond better to it than other therapy forms. Indeed, music can trigger certain memories from and allow them to reconnect with themselves, friends, and family. In some cases, your loved one may be able to communicate through singing as well. Definitely, consider Florida music therapy for Alzheimer’s and dementia elderly persons disorders.


Next, many music therapists FL can also treat the elderly persons disorder, depression. Often, older adults are at an increased for depression from grief, social isolation, and chronic health conditions. Importantly, someone with depression may express feelings of hopelessness, guilt, or worthlessness. In addition, you may find that your loved one is losing interest in hobbies they once found pleasure in. Sometimes, depression can also look like overeating, appetite loss, or irritability as well. By working with a music therapist, older adults may find pleasure in a new activity. Plus, many music therapists offer group sessions where seniors can connect with others in similar situations. Undoubtedly, talk with your music therapist Florida about treatment for depression elderly persons disorders.


In addition, anxiety is one of the most common elderly persons disorders therapists in Florida can treat. Importantly, anxiety can encompass several conditions such as generalized anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. Typically, generalized anxiety involves persistent, excessive worry. On the other hand, patients with OCD often have repetitive thoughts and behaviors that work to ease them. In many cases, older adults are more likely to discuss physical symptoms of anxiety over emotional ones. Therefore, you should pay attention if your loved one talks about having a racing heart, dizziness, or muscle tension. Often, music therapy can work to promote less stress, reduce blood pressures, and induce relaxation. In short, consider the benefits of music therapy for anxiety and depression Florida.

Bipolar Disorder

Moreover, bipolar is another highly treatable elderly persons disorder through music therapy Florida. Often, older adults with bipolar disorder can experience a greater degree of disability due to depressive symptoms. In addition, they are usually more likely to experience rapid cycles with more than four episodes of depression or mania per year. With depression, older adults may experience long lasting sadness, lack of interest in enjoyable activities, and a sense of helplessness over their environment. On the other hand, they may experiences decreased need for sleep and hyperverbal speech during a state of mania. By working with a music therapist, patients can learn to better regulate their emotions and develop coping mechanisms for their symptoms. Surely, bipolar disorder is a highly treatable elderly persons disorder through music therapy FL.

Substance Use Disorder

Furthermore, many music therapists in Florida can also treat substance use as an elderly persons disorder. Indeed, many music therapists provide group therapy services in rehabilitation centers and inpatient treatment programs. For many patients, improvisation interventions can work to ease stress and help people relax. In addition, it can help patients focus their recovery goals and work towards them. Since music provides a creative outlet, older adults can express themselves. Plus, it can serve as a distraction from cravings and other daily stressors. Certainly, talk with your music therapist Fort Lauderdale Florida about getting treatment for substance use elderly persons disorder.

There are several elderly persons disorders music therapists in Florida can treat. First, music therapy can support memory recall for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Next, music therapy can also help patients cope with depression. In addition, anxiety is one of the most common elderly persons disorder music therapy works for. Moreover, music therapy can also provide emotion regulation for patients with bipolar. Furthermore, many music therapists work in rehab centers to support patients with substance use disorder. Consider these points to learn about what elderly persons disorders music therapists in Florida can treat.

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