5 Top Instruments A Music Therapist In Chicago Uses For Sessions

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There are several top instruments a music therapist Chicago uses for sessions. Typically, music therapists learn to play a wide variety of instruments during their academic program. Through the clinical training process, they must demonstrate competence on several different types. Of course, some music therapists specialize on one or two different instruments. Then, they incorporate others based on what patients enjoy. As an individual looking for music therapy Rockland County NY and other areas, you need to know the top instruments they use in their sessions. This way, you can know what to expect as you start your care plan. Read on to learn about the top instruments a music therapist Chicago uses for sessions.


First, your music therapist Chicago Illinois might play piano during your sessions. Typically, these are more common during group music therapy in nursing homes, schools, and hospitals. This is because the piano offers great options for volume control. If you have a piano at home, your music therapist might play it with you during an individual music therapy session as well. Then, you can sit right next to your music therapist and play along with them. Alternatively, your music therapist might bring a synthesizer for your session as well. Notably, this allows you to use different sound settings besides the piano for more personalization. Definitely, ask your music therapist Chicago about playing piano during your session.


Next, many music therapists Chicago IL play guitar with patients as well. Since guitars are easily portable, this is one of the most common options for therapy sessions. Indeed, you can access in small group settings or one-on-one. In addition, a guitar offers great melodic control for your board certified music therapist Florida and other areas. This allows them to play your preferred music style. Plus, they can adjust to the volume you want. Often, music therapists do relaxation or guided imagery sessions with the guitar as well. With these exercises, you can reduce stress, manage pain, and improve memory recall. Absolutely, talk with your music therapist Chicago about playing guitar during your session.


In addition, the autoharp is another top instrument for music therapy Chicago. Notably, an autoharp is a strummed or plucked instrument that looks like a zither. It has 36 to 48 strings that allow you to practice large rolling movements such as shoulder roations. At the lower end, a button mechanism is attached above the strings. With one hand, you can press the chord buttons. With the other, you can strum or pluck the undampened strings with your free hand. This makes the autoharp an easy instrument to learn for new patients. Additionally, the autoharp is great to engage your sensorimotor skills as well. Undoubtedly, try the autoharp during your next session with your music therapist Chicago.


Moreover, many music therapists Chicago also use drums during their sessions. Notably, they can create sounds that resonate with children, adults, and geriatric patients. In addition, it offers an easily accessible way to organize and structure rhythm. Over time, this can improve perception and learning ability. Drums are great for group music therapy Tampa FL and other areas because they can improve socialization skills as well. For example, you can improve nonverbal communication, turn-taking, and encouragement. Simultaneously, playing the drums offers a healthy outlet to release negative emotions. Indeed, you can also reduce your anxiety and tension levels. Then, you can renew your energy. Certainly, drums are one of the best instruments to play in group music therapy Chicago.


Furthermore, a xylophone is another one of the best instruments to play with your music therapist Chicago. Notably, younger children love playing xylophones with bright, vibrant colors. Indeed, many music therapists use the xylophone in early education settings. In many cases, it can improve eye-hand coordination and gross motor skills. Simultanously, it can support creative expression and offer kids an outlet to focus their attention on. Of course, adults can also enjoy playing xylophone in music therapy. In group settings, they can work on social cues. Plus, the xylophone is great for movement-based exercises. Certainly, try the xylophone with your music therapist Chicago.

There are several top instruments a music therapist Chicago uses for sessions. First, many music therapists play piano with their patients. Next, they may play guitar if you’re looking to improve relaxation and lower stress. In addition, autoharp is another top instrument to play with your music therapist. Moreover, drums are great for group music therapy. Furthermore, xylophone is another great instrument for children, adults, and geriatric patients. Consider these top instruments a music therapist Chicago uses for sessions.

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