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There are several interventions to do when working with a music therapist Collier County to achieve your goals. Notably, music therapists can provide services in homes, schools, and nursing homes. Often, they work in mental health centers, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities as well. Here, they can support people with Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and even chronic pain. Of course, music therapy Miami and other areas also help people dealing with trauma, illness, and mental health disorders. As an individual seeking music therapy services, you need to know what types of exercises you’ll do during your session. Read on to learn about working with a music therapist Collier County to achieve your goals.

Improvisation Interventions

First, many music therapists Collier County do improvisation interventions to empower patients to achieve their goals. For example, your music therapist may provide instruments such as a piano, guitar, or marimba to use during your session. Then, they can give you simple instructions to start playing a rhythm. Sometimes, your music therapist may start playing themselves and invite you to join the improvisation exercise. If you have a background in music, your therapist can walk you through basic chord progressions as well. From there, you can improvise a melody or harmonize. Absolutely, talk with your music therapist Collier County about doing improvisation exercises.

Drumming Exercises

Next, your music therapist Collier County can facilitate drumming exercises to help you achieve your goals. According to recent studies, drumming can increase the cellular activity that helps the body fight neurological and endocrinological disorders. In addition, drumming also has a positive social connotation. In group music therapy Tampa FL and other areas, it can help bring people together and create a sense of connection. Drumming interventions can also act as an outlet for self-expression. Indeed, patients can release bottled-up anger and aggression in a controlled setting. This can provide a scope for self-realization or introspection. Definitely, do drumming exercises with your music therapist Collier County to work towards your goals.

Dancing Interventions

In addition, many of the best music therapists Collier County do dancing interventions with their patients. Notably, these are great for children to get moving and release energy. Simultaneously, dancing can improve geriatric patients’ strength and mobility. In your music therapy session, your counselor may sing a song that prompts you when to sit and stand. They may also prompt you to move your arms up and down, stretch your legs, or tap your feet to the beat. Of course, they can also sing a song like “When You’re Happy and You Know It” to encourage hand clapping and jumping. Undoubtedly, try dancing interventions when getting music therapy Collier County.

Singing Therapy

Moreover, you can also do singing therapy with your music therapist Collier County. This is great for stroke, dementia, and multiple sclerosis patients who have lost their ability to speak. Notably, music therapy Okeechobee Florida and other areas can also help people with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and people with brain damage. Indeed, musical neural pathways tend to be much more complex and widespread than language pathways. In addition, the right side of the brain can often change structure and compensate if there’s damage on the left side in the speech control center. Thus, singing can allow patients to transfer their communication skills to from speech to music. Certainly, talk with your music therapist Collier County about singing therapy for your loved one.

Composition & Songwriting Interventions

Furthermore, composition and songwriting interventions are another great activity you can do with your music therapist Collier County. Typically, your music therapist supports you as you create your own music or lyrics. Then, you can record or perform your creation for your music therapy group or small audience. Notably, composition can help validate patients’ experiences and externalize their thoughts and emotions. Simultaneously, it can promote an alternative manner of expression for your emotions. Of course, it can also foster creativity. Undoubtedly, try composition and songwriting exercises with your music therapist Collier County.

There are several interventions to do when working with a music therapist Collier County to achieve your goals. First, you can do improvisation exercises with a piano, guitar, marimba, or other instrument. Next, your group music therapist can also facilitate drumming exercises to promote positive social connection. In addition, do dancing interventions with your music therapist to let our energy and improve mobility. Moreover, singing therapy is highly effective for patients who have lost the ability to speak. Furthermore composition and songwriting exercises can foster positive expression. Consider these points to learn about working with a music therapist Collier County to achieve your goals.

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