5 Ways A Music Therapist Pompano Beach Supports Dementia Patients

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There are several ways a music therapist Pompano Beach supports dementia patients. For many patients, pharmacological-based treatments for dementia can cause uncomfortable side effects like nausea, agitation, and sleep difficulties. Fortunately, recent studies show that non-prescription treatments like music therapy Boynton Beach and other areas pose a lower risk. Plus, it is often more effective in treating memory disorders. As a caregiver for an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient, you need to know how music therapy can help your loved one. This way, they can continue to live a comfortable life as they face memory issues. Read on to learn about how a music therapist Pompano Beach supports dementia patients.

Improves Mood & Wellbeing

First, a music therapist Pompano Beach FL can improve patients’ mood and well-being. Indeed, music often stimulates the brain to produce a positive emotional response to the stimuli. For example, it can produce “happy” chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. In addition, music can also work to trigger the brain’s reward system through the nervous system. This way, as patients reach new music milestones and goals, they can celebrate their achievements. Overall, this works to improve emotional health. Plus, benefits can outlast the therapy session, making this highly effective in a regular treatment plan. Definitely, music therapy Pompano Beach Florida is great to improve mood and well-being.

Supports Social Connections

Next, working with a music therapist Pompano Beach can also support patients’ social connections. In one study, dementia patients exhibited stronger nonverbal social behaviors than patients who hadn’t undergone treatment. After a music therapy Miami session, patients exhibited more eye contact with caregivers, interest, and focus. In many cases, music also allowed patients to connect with their loved ones and improve their relationships. Of course, dementia patients can also get music therapy in a group setting if they’re in a hospital, senior living facility, or nursing home. Here, they may foster new connections with other patients in a similar situation. Absolutely, music therapy Pompano Beach FL is great to support social connections.

Encourages Movement

In addition, the best music therapist Pompano Beach can also encourage movement for patients. For example, sessions may encourage clapping, swaying, or dancing depending on your loved one’s abilities. Over time and in the right therapeutic setting, this can allow patients to increase their strength, motor function, and mobility. Some patients can also improve their balance if they’re in early Alzheimer’s or dementia stages. Notably, this can decrease their fall risk and prevent them from acquiring additional health issues. Undoubtedly, music therapy Pompano Beach is great to encourage movement.

Evokes Memories

Moreover, getting music therapy in Pompano Beach Florida can also evoke patient memories. By playing songs that were pivotal at different points in their life, they may be able to transport them back to a particular memory. For example, they might play songs from childhood or high school to conjure memories of their loved ones. In many cases, these types of songs can also allow patients to feel warmth and safety. To elicit this powerful response, your music therapist may ask you about your loved one’s favorite songs and type of music. This way, they can work to support memory recall, even for nonverbal patients. Surely, music therapy Pompano Beach is a positive way to evoke memories.

Reduces Frustration

Furthermore, your music therapist Pompano Beach can also reduce patients’ frustrations. When patients first meet the music therapist, patients may be verbally aggressive, frightened, or defensive. Often, this is because of unfamiliarity and confusion that results from dementia. Usually, patients’ entire demeanor, body language, and mood changes once the session begins. For example, they may be calmer and more relaxed. Plus, they often enjoy the upbeat tones from the music. Certainly, consider working with a music therapist Pompano Beach to reduce patients’ frustration.

There are several ways a music therapist Pompano Beach supports dementia patients. First, a music therapist can improve patients’ mood and wellbeing. Next, music therapy Tampa FL can also foster valuable social connections in group settings and with caregivers. In addition, music therapy treatment can encourage movement, improve balance, and reduce fall risk for patients. Moreover, it can also evoke memories for patients. Furthermore, it can reduce frustration, agitation, and irritability. Consider these points to learn about different ways a music therapist Pompano Beach supports dementia patients.

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