5 Key Stages Music Therapy Lee County Uses To Treat Patients

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There are several key stages music therapy Lee County uses to treat patients. Notably, music therapy Jacksonville FL and other areas is highly effective to support people with mental health needs, learning disabilities, and Alzheimer’s. People dealing with substance abuse, brain injuries, and physical disabilities can also benefit from music therapy alongside other treatment methods. As an individual looking for music therapy, you need to know how the process works for patients. This way, you’ll know what to expect as you start sessions. Read on to learn about the key stages music therapy Lee County uses to treat patients.


First, evaluation is one of the most important stages for music therapy Lee County. During this stage, your music therapist conducts a functional assessment of your strengths and needs. Typically, they assess musical responses for motor, cognitive, and social abilities. In addition, many music therapists look at your behavioral, communication, and sensory needs as well. As they get to know your needs, they may also ask you about your music style and cultural preferences. This way, they can create an individualized music therapy plan designed to meet your needs. Definitely, get an initial evaluation when starting music therapy Lee County.

Goal Development

Next, goal development is another key stage for music therapy Lee County Florida. For example, your music therapist may decide on physical milestones such as learning to play an instrument. Often, these can work towards developmental and cognitive objectives as well. Typically, each of your goals is measurable and has a distinct timeline. This way, you can see your progress. As they develop your goals, your music therapist Sarasota County and other areas will decide if you need one-on-one, group sessions, or a combination of the two. In addition, they can determine how often you should meet with the them to reach your desired results. Absolutely, goal development is a key stage for getting music therapy Lee County.

Music Interventions

Once your music therapist Lee County Florida sets your goals, they can start doing music interventions. Depending on your needs, they may choose to do receptive exercises. For these, you typically listen to music and respond through writing, art, or dance. This is great for patients looking to reduce stress and anxiety. Simultaneously, these exercises can facilitate memory for patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia as well. On the other hand, your music therapist can also do improvisation interventions with you. With this, you typically learn to play an instrument such as drums, xylophone, piano, or guitar. Notably, this can facilitate expression and communication through music. It can also increase motivation for clients as well. In short, music interventions are a key stage in for music therapy Lee County.

Ongoing Nurturing

Moreover, ongoing nurturing is essential for music therapy Lee County. Here, the music therapist can assess whether you are meeting your goals and make adjustments as needed. In addition, they can use your new-found strengths to address other concerns you may have. As they get to know you and your abilities better, they can also set new, more challenging objectives to help you grow. Of course, music therapists can also offer counseling to see how you are progressing. Depending on your growth, they may recommend extending services or getting a reassessment. Undoubtedly, ongoing nurturing is key for music therapy Lee County Florida.


Furthermore, empowerment is another key stage for music therapy Lee County Florida. Importantly, this is where individuals start to see results from their therapy sessions. For example, patients may gain the ability to articulate goals and desires for themselves through songwriting. In addition, many individuals can access a healthy outlet to express their emotions. Through group music therapy Sunny Isles and other areas, clients can also improve their ability to listen and respond to one another. This provides an excellent way to build verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Certainly, empowerment is an essential part of music therapy Lee County FL.

There are several key stages music therapy Lee County uses to treat patients. First, music therapists typically start with an initial evaluation of your needs and abilities. Next, they develop goals based on where you want to improve. In addition, they do music interventions such as songwriting, improvisation, and listening exercises. Moreover, they also provide ongoing nurturing for patients. Furthermore, empowerment is a important stage as patients begin to meet their goals. Consider these points to learn about the key stages music therapy Lee County uses to treat patients.

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