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There are several engaging virtual activities for online music therapy in Florida. Telehealth music therapy activities are adapted to today’s every-changing virtual landscape, originally created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients simply place their personal computer in a private and safe space, then receive treatment from a board certified music therapist in Florida. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or mental health conditions yourself, these engaging virtual program could potentially help — all without leaving your home. Read on to learn about the top rated virtual activities for online music therapy in Florida.

Active Listening Activities

FIrst, there are specialized active listening virtual activities for online music therapy in Florida. Online active listening activities are a useful tool for emotional regulation. Music’s repetitive and rhythmic nature has a significant impact on our brain — specifically the neocortex. These exercises aim to promote relaxation, lower impulsivity, and support mood optimization. Therapeutic active listening programs target symptoms of anxiety, instability, anger, or depression. In each session, your therapist will begin with musical songs and compositions that reflect your current emotional state. Together, you will engage in active listening activities that transport you to a happier, more positive mood. Certainly, speak with an online music therapist in Florida about active listening activities.

Music Selection Activities

Selection is another popular virtual activity with online music therapy in Belle Glade FL. Musical selection activities support patients suffering from mental health conditions, emotional disturbances, and self-regulation disorders. These exercises involve choosing musical songs, albums, pieces, and compositions that you are already familiar with. Through self-selection, these interactive activities foster memory recall and evoke sometimes forgotten emotions. These programs are often guided by visual imagery — where you’ll be asked to envision yourself in a happy and comforting environment. The common result of these activities is increased acceptance and strengthened self-awareness. Surely, look for a virtual music therapist in Florida that offers online selection activities.

Engaging Movement Activities

Online music therapy in Florida also provides engaging virtual movement activities. You won’t need any specific materials, instruments, or tools to participate in these activities. During the program, music therapists encourage jumping, hopping, twirling, and more to energize the brain and body. These activities can have a significant impact on our impulse and attention control. By selecting specific movements yourself, you’ll also be strengthening your decision making and delegation skills too. Indeed, engage in virtual online music therapy activities in FL that encourage lots of movement.

Musical Improvisation Activities

Virtual improvisation is another popular online music therapy activity in Florida. These unique and interactive activities take musical improvisation to the internet. For the best results, your therapist may recommend using a set of prepared lyrics, themes, and notes. Together, you’ll agree on a specific song or chord to improvise. Then, these activities encourage you to play as a group — without deviating from the pace, tune, or rhythm. These programs give you the collaborative ability to create as a group, fostering a sense of togetherness. Even from a virtual setting, these activities can provide the same quality of sensitive response and emotional support that you would receive in-person. Definitely, participate in improvisation activities with the best online music therapy programs in FL.

Fun Drumming Activities

The best online music therapists in Hollywood FL specialize in fun drumming activities. Drums offer a fun, engaging, interactive, and certainly loud session activity for music therapy. You can use drumming to communicate emotions and feelings without any words. In each activity, your therapist will encourage you to follow beat patterns and create your own rhythm. These exercises have proven a great way to foster musical and creative self-expression. Certainly, participate in fun drumming activities with virtual music therapy in Florida.

There are several effective virtual activities with online music therapy in South Florida. Many therapists recommend active listening programs — where you listen to songs, compositions, and tunes together. In addition, there are specialized selection activities that foster decision making and memory recall. Or, speak with a music therapist that gets you up, moving & grooving with movement activities. Improvisation activities additionally foster a collaborative sense of togetherness. For something fun, engaging, and interactive — top-rated drumming programs involve body percussion into treatment. Follow the points above to learn about virtual activities for online music therapy in FL.

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