Working With A Music Therapist Lake Worth FL To Support Geriatric Care

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There are several ways working with a music therapist Lake Worth FL supports geriatric care. According to recent data, the number of people living in the world who are over 60 years old will nearly double by 2050. Importantly, this presents unique health challenges as older adults face difficulties maintaining physical, mental, and social health. Fortunately, evidence supports that music therapy interventions and mental health counseling Boca Raton are an effective long-term approach to support geriatric care. Indeed, elderly patients can receive these services whether they’re living at home, in a retirement community, or if they’re in a medical setting. As a caregiver, you need to know how music therapy can help your loved one. Read on to learn about working with a music therapist Lake Worth FL to support geriatric care.

Improves Physical Activity Motivation

First, a music therapist Lake Worth Florida can help improve patients’ motivation for physical activity. For example, your music therapist may facilitate fun exercises with dancing, clapping, or playing instruments. Often, these repetitive exercises can divert your loved one from the pain they’re feeling. Simultaneously, moving to a rhythm can promote steadiness and encourage patients to want to exercise. Over time, this allows them to build up their strength, improve flexibility, and balance. This way, they can work to retain physical independence and movement. Definitely, working with a music therapist Lake Worth FL is great to improve motivation for physical activity.

Lessens Stress Levels

Next, music therapy Lake Worth Florida can also lessen patient’s stress levels. Indeed, music therapists can often facilitate rhythmic breathing during listening and playing exercises. For many patients, this allows them to release body tension and boost their mood. In addition, rhythmic breathing can work to lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate. Often, music therapy senior care Jacksonville FL reduces patients’ anxieties and promotes muscle relaxation as well. Naturally, less stress can improve heart and cardiovascular health and allow patients to live a higher quality of life. In short, talk with your music therapist Lake Worth FL to lessen your loved one’s stress levels.

Improves Memory

In addition, music therapy for the elderly Lake Worth can also improve memory recall for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Typically, playing music activates both the left and right sides of the brain at the same time. By activating these pathways, seniors can improve their thought processing. Additionally, certain songs can work to bring them back to another time in their life. In some cases, this can work to unite patients with family members and increase emotional intimacy. Plus, patients may experience a positive response when they hear a song that resonates with them. Undoubtedly, music therapy is highly effective to improve memory for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Enhances Communication Skills

Moreover, your music therapist Lake Worth Florida can also enhance your loved one’s communication skills. For example, some patients with Alzheimer’s who have lost the ability to speak can often still hum or sing songs from their past. In addition, studies show that music therapy can slow down the natural loss of communication that occurs in the elderly. Indeed, many senior citizens who work with a music therapist Collier County and other areas can make decisions quicker and speak more clearly. Plus, they can answer questions with greater accuracy as well. Undoubtedly, music therapy Lake Worth FL is one of the best ways for the elderly to enhance their communication skills.

Supports Social Interaction

Furthermore, group music therapy Lake Worth FL can also support social interaction. Indeed, many music therapists conduct group sessions in nursing homes, hospitals, and retirement communities. Here, older adults can connect with others who have a similar experience with them. By participating in meaningful music-making exercises, they can also alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation. Notably, these group experiences can also boost self-esteem, support self-expression, and foster creativity as well. If patients are unable to verbalize how they feel, singing, songwriting, and improvisation can facilitate that self-expression. Certainly, the best music therapists Lake Worth a great resource to improve social interactions for geriatric patients.

There are several ways working with a music therapist Lake Worth FL supports geriatric care. First, music therapy can motivate patients to improve physical activity and movement. Next, working with a music therapist can also lessen stress levels. In addition, music therapy can also work to improve memory. Moreover, it can enhance communication skills, especially if patients are nonverbal. Furthermore, music therapy also supports social interaction in group settings like nursing homes. Consider these points to learn about work with a music therapist Lake Worth FL to support geriatric care.

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