How Virtual Music Therapy Florida Offers A Unique Telemedicine Experience

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There are many ways virtual music therapy Florida offers a unique telemedicine experience. For many clients, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape for how music therapists deliver services to their clients. With video conferencing and telehealth platforms, patients can continue to receive care and maintain engagement while social distancing. As a patient or caregiver, you need to know how virtual music therapy offers an engaging, personalized experience. Since many patients who need music therapy most are vulnerable during the pandemic, this service is great to keep patients safe. Of course, it can also allow children and adults to feel less isolated. Read on to learn about how virtual music therapy Florida offers a unique telemedicine experience.

Interactive Movement Activities

First, virtual music therapy Florida uses interactive movement activities during telemedicine sessions to provide a unique experience. Typically, clients do not need any additional materials or instruments to dance during a virtual telehealth visit. Therefore, many music therapists incorporate jumping, twirling, and stomping activities during these sessions. Sometimes, music therapists also add in cues to work on attention and impulse control with their patients. For example, your music therapy might say “Stop!” or “Freeze!” during a game to add a fun element of suspense for children. In a group virtual music therapy session, counselors may ask for input on the types of movements to do, allowing patients to exercise decision-making skills. Definitely, interactive movement activities are great to provide engaging virtual music therapy Florida sessions.

Songwriting Activities

Next, virtual music therapy Florida songwriting activities are another way telehealth offers a unique patient experience. For example, some certified music therapists Martin County do fill-in-the-blank activities with their patients. With these activities, they may share their screen to display the lyrics. Then, they might play the first part of the song, stopping to ask patients for words. By getting to choose their own adventure and impact the meaning of the song, patients can gain a sense of independence. Simultaneously, they can exercise cognitive skills as well. Notably, music therapists can also use images to provide visual cues for patients as well. If they get stuck, this can help them think of an idea for the song lyrics. Absolutely, song writing activities are a great way virtual music therapy Florida offers a unique telemedicine experience.

Homemade Instruments & Applications

In addition, virtual music therapy Florida often involves using homemade instruments and applications to engage telehealth clients. For example, your music therapist might show you how to make a shaker using a plastic water bottle filled with dried beans or rice. Alternatively, you can use a glass jar as well. Additionally, patients can use an upside-down tupperware container or bowl as a drum. Of course, they can also use an empty cardboard box and a wooden spoon. Notably, some music therapists also use online music applications to provide clients with supportive tools, such as virtual pianos and guitars. This way, clients can still access the self-expression component music therapy can offer. Undoubtedly, homemade instruments and applications are one of the best ways virtual music therapy engages telehealth clients.

Caregiver Involvement

Moreover, virtual telemedicine music therapy Florida encourages caregiver involvement during telemedicine visits. If you can be in the same room as the patient, you can learn similar techniques for home music therapy Miami Dade County. This way, you can work with your loved one between sessions. By being on the call, caregivers can also communicate with the music therapist about the patient’s goals, needs, and interventions. If you are unable to be in the same room as your loved one, music therapists can often still include you on the call. Then, you can maintain communication and connection with them. Of course, you can also stay up-to-date on their care plan. In short, caregiver involvement is one of the best ways virtual music therapy offers unique telehealth care.

Engaging With Nonverbal Patients

Furthermore, virtual music therapy Florida also offers a way to engage with nonverbal telemedicine patients. During these sessions, music therapists can provide ways for nonverbal patients to communicate. For example, they might use dancing or improvisation activities. In addition, counselors might do activities to gauge the patient’s response. Often, they sing songs with the patient’s name or sing about something the patient enjoys. Then, music therapists can assess the patient’s response by looking at their physical reaction. Indeed, nonverbal patients might smile, clap, or move during songs to express how they feel. Certainly, virtual music therapy Florida offers a way to engage with nonverbal patients through telehealth platforms.

There are many ways virtual music therapy Florida offers a unique telemedicine experience. First, interactive movement activities provide ways for patients to engage during sessions. Next, songwriting activities promote cognitive decision-making skills. In addition, homemade instruments and applications can also allow patients to express themselves during virtual sessions. Moreover, caregivers can stay involved through telemedicine platforms. Furthermore, certified music therapists South Florida can engage with nonverbal activities in these settings as well. Consider these points to learn about how virtual music therapy Florida offers a unique telemedicine experience.

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